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Start with Talents

Finish with Strengths

Start 2021 by discovering your Talents.

End 2021 by turning your Talents

into real Strengths.

In this interactive session, we will provide you with a tool and process to discover your Talents, i.e. skills and abilities that come very naturally to you.  We will discuss how you can hone this Talents and turn them into strengths, i.e. consistently produce near-perfect performance in this specific activity. Finally, we will explain why you should shape your career so that you can better "play to your strengths".

The event will be led by Lim Poh Guan, a Founding Partner of the John Maxwell Team as well as a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach. Prior to the event, we will invite you to take the online Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment which will help you identify your Talents.


Join us for an interactive session of learning and networking.  We promise no sales talk nor boring lectures.

Event Details & Registration

Visit to find out more about the Online Learning Bites series of learning events.

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